Medieval Events & Fairs

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Voci dall'Evo di Mezzo (Voices from the Middle Ages)

from September 26, 2014 to September 28, 2014

The association "L'Arme, le Dame, i Cavalieri" organizes this event in Cittadella. "Voci dall'Evo di Mezzo", or voices from the Middle Ages, recalls life in the Middle Ages amid history and show. It recalls the liberation of the town of Cittadella on June 22, 1256 when Tiso da Camposampiero entered from Porta Padova with the Apostolic Legate and his retinue, and was granted an audience by the podestà Rainaldo Pincetus, by the notaries Stefano and Giordano, by judges Bonifacino and Enrico, by prior Dojno and his servers, and by the whole people too.
The ceremony starts with the sumptuous medieval banquet "Alla magione del Podestà" (in the podesta's house) with elaborate recipes and the table service used at that time, in a typical setting with wooden plates and earthenware; the whole is candle-lit with the entertainment of musicians, jugglers and theatre-tale tellers.
Also the document with which Cittadella surrendered to the municipality of Padova, through Tiso da Camposampiero, is recalled as well. The event is preceded and followed by events in the streets and squares: soldiers camps, historical bowmen, historical games, the medieval market, ancient crafts, travelling musicians and jesters. The falconry shows with various types of birds of prey are spectacular indeed, and see the interactive participation of the public.
The commemoration ends at sunset with a torch-light procession, fireworks, and the Castle set on fire.