Eremo Camaldolese on Monte Rua


Eremo dei Camaldolesi di Monte Rua


A typical Camaldolese Hermitage founded in 1530 on mount Rua, it consists in a small church surrounded by 14 cells designed as small houses. Every cell contains a small bedroom for rest, a private room for study, a chapel with an altar, a bathroom, and a woodshed. Outside, every cell is provided with a small, wall-fenced vegetable garden. Still nowadays it is inhabited by the Camaldolese Friars, who live a cloistered life. A walk around its walls is very charming. You can also spend some days here, since the monks accept those who wish to stop here and admire the peacefulness of the place. Moreover here you can buy some typical and exclusive products, which the monks make with the care and the skill handed down the centuries.

Access to the Hermitage is allowed to single people only, and women are not allowed.



Only men can hear Mass: on Sundays at 7:45 (solar hour), at 8:45 (summer-time).

Visit of the church and of a cell (men only): Sundays and holidays at 2.30 - 4.30 p.m. (solar hour), at 3.30 - 5.30 p.m. (summer-time).

Telephone: +39 049/5211041